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Empowering People, Building Programs, Creating Change!

High 5 Adventure Learning Center is a non-profit educational organization known worldwide for our adventure education and training programs for all levels of practitioners.

Our services include:

  • Training and Certification
  • Teambuilding
  • Consulting and Curriculum Development
  • Challenge Course Construction, Inspection and Repairs

We pride ourselves on working side-by-side with each of our customers to
help them build the best program for their needs. We love what we do, we
love to share what we know and we look forward to working with you!

The High 5 Guide: Challenge Course Operating Procedures for the Thinking Practitioner, 2nd Edition

front-cover-only.jpgBy Jim Grout, Nicki Hall, Ryan McCormick and Chris Ortiz. Achieve the balance between technical skills, thoughtful program development and facilitation to create the most powerful experience for your audience. This new book by veteran High 5 staff members begins with the question, "Why does your program do what it does?" In classic High 5 style, this book emphasizes the importance of understanding your program, its mission and purpose, its goals and desired outcomes to give your audiences with the most powerful experience possible. The High 5 Guide blends this information artfully with the technical skills required to successfully operate a challenge course. This NEW 2nd Edition contains updated content to reflect recent developments in the industry, new technology and updated operating procedures.

Available in our online store now!

High 5 Winter Newsletter! Good stuff

Newsletterhead.jpgDid you get your copy of the High 5 Winter Newsletter in the mail? If not, send us your name and mailing address asap so we can get you in the next mailing! You can also grab it here. (pdf)

What's in it?
-Save the Date and Call for Proposals
-Activity Highlight
-Program Spotlight
-Tips for Designing Effective Professional Development
-2015 Open Enrollment Workshop Calendar
And More!!!!

New! The Ubuntu Activity Guide

cover-only-with-shadow.jpgThis book is the key to enhancing your experience and unlocking the infinite potential in your deck of Ubuntu Cards. With 32 games and initiatives inside, you'll find an appropriate activity for your group of any shape or size!

Stop by our online store and pick up a copy or two!

"Behind the B"

High 5 Adventure appears in "Behind the B", the reality series that follows the Boston Bruins through their current season. Check out this episode where Jim Grout and our trainers spend a day with the team during their training camp in September 2013. Jim appears at about 4 minutes into the video.

Edge of Leadership Summer Dates Announced


Based on over 35 years of youth leadership programming, Edge of Leadership is quickly emerging as a leadership program like no other. Developed by High 5 Adventure Learning Center in 2011, EOL's mission is to connect students and teachers and empower them to develop and sustain leadership teams within their school in an effort to effect positive change. Visit our new Edge of Leadership web page

Summer dates just announced:

  • August 5-7

Edge of Leadership will be like nothing you've ever experienced. You'll immerse yourself in a beautiful adventure setting. You'll laugh a lot. You'll eat well and make new friends. You'll get to know our staff and other participants forming strong connections and lasting memories. The experience can be life-changing, and the new skills you'll take home can change the lives of those around you.​​​ Contact us to learn how to be a part of this powerful program.

Check out Global Games for Diversity by Rich Keegan

Play is a pure medium for bringing people of many experiences, cultures, backgrounds and characteristics together. These lessons -- using games from countries throughout the world -- introduce 10 Diversity Life Skills that promote empathy and understanding, and reinforce that we are all more similar than different. Get the book!

Ubuntu Cards Now Available!

UbuntuUbuntu Cards are are a multi-functional deck of cards that encourage a group to interact, find connections and have fun. They offer limitless reflection opportunities through metaphor, but we have also discovered that they offer just as many opportunities for group interaction and creative play.

Stop by our online store and pick up a pack or two!

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